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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introduction to Website Login with Google, Yahoo

When we are working with Website Account Registration / Account Login Page, We have to present a Signup form based on our website requirement. In case we are provide a simple signup form with Email, password, Confirm password. In this case we can use External website Login from OAuth Providers among most familiar  services among web. Such this think , Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter all major services are provide OAuth to accept web developer/Website owners are use their credential to accept users on their websites.

Let us create a Login Page for our website to accept the visitors those who already have a account with Google or yahoo.

Let us Create Website login with Google account or Yahoo Account

Website Login with Google Account, Yahoo Account with Oauth

Website registration and Login forms have important aspect of our development process. Currently visitors were not interested to fill large forms in any website. In this case visitors are not willing to join by signup on our website. In this aspect, technology will a solution. that is open social login from other major services. By this way, we can be use Login from google, yahoo, facebook, twitter.

First, Let us create a open login for our website login or registration form with Google Account and Yahoo Mail. upcoming days we will see other services. Now we can create website Login with OpenID OAuth Login with Google Accounts and Yahoo Accounts.

let us create How to make people login into your website with their Google account and Yahoo
Google and Yahoo provides Federated Login for Account Users with OAuth.

Step: 1
Download LightOpenID Class from

Step: 2: Write a Following Code and design a Form to Handle Login

<?php session_start();
# Logging in with Google accounts requires setting special identity, so this example shows how to do it.
require 'require/openid.php';

try {
    # Change 'localhost' to your domain name.
    $openid = new LightOpenID('');
  $openid->required = array(

    if(!$openid->mode) {
        $openid->identity = '';
        header('Location: ' . $openid->authUrl());
  $openid->identity ='';

    } elseif($openid->mode == 'cancel') {
        echo 'User has canceled authentication!';
    } else {
   $_SESSION['name']=$external_login['namePerson/first']." ".$external_login['namePerson/last'];
} catch(ErrorException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();

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