Thursday, October 20, 2011

Website Login with Google Account, Yahoo Account with Oauth

Website registration and Login forms have important aspect of our development process. Currently visitors were not interested to fill large forms in any website. In this case visitors are not willing to join by signup on our website. In this aspect, technology will a solution. that is open social login from other major services. By this way, we can be use Login from google, yahoo, facebook, twitter.

First, Let us create a open login for our website login or registration form with Google Account and Yahoo Mail. upcoming days we will see other services. Now we can create website Login with OpenID OAuth Login with Google Accounts and Yahoo Accounts.

let us create How to make people login into your website with their Google account and Yahoo
Google and Yahoo provides Federated Login for Account Users with OAuth.

Step: 1
Download LightOpenID Class from

Step: 2: Write a Following Code and design a Form to Handle Login

<?php session_start();
# Logging in with Google accounts requires setting special identity, so this example shows how to do it.
require 'require/openid.php';

try {
    # Change 'localhost' to your domain name.
    $openid = new LightOpenID('');
  $openid->required = array(

    if(!$openid->mode) {
        $openid->identity = '';
        header('Location: ' . $openid->authUrl());
  $openid->identity ='';

    } elseif($openid->mode == 'cancel') {
        echo 'User has canceled authentication!';
    } else {
   $_SESSION['name']=$external_login['namePerson/first']." ".$external_login['namePerson/last'];
} catch(ErrorException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();

Download This Script     Live Demo     Download Script


  1. This is very help full to my projects, Thanks guys

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  2. thanks for the good, OAuth login

  3. I find what i need to do my website login at here thanks.

  4. On running the script i get this error
    No OpenID Server found at
    What is missing?
    Rgds. Tim

  5. Nice, I had a hard time using the federated login.

    However, $_SESSION['email'] is blank with Y! login.

  6. How we get google and yahoo account profile picture through this script? please give me soloution

  7. Hi, this article is not explaining oauth.. it explains login with openid. With openid there is a limited ammount of data you can ask for, basically email, first name, last name, etc.

    To get the picture, you need to access yahoo|google api, which you can do with oauth.. not with openid.

  8. OpenID identity URL has been updated by Yahoo use following URL:


  9. Please help me....session not destroyed when logout
    clicked on

  10. when ever login through open id first time goes to google login page submit the form after that details are captured and displayed into account-home.php..this process is fine...My question is i clicked on logout button session is cleared and goto index page then again i click on google button it will directly goes to account-home.php without asking google login but i want google login there any possibility go for again google login page.....Please help me, I need that way.....thanking you.

  11. Hi Sir,

    I have downloaded Ur Script and kept in Apache. When I tried to logion with gmail, it throwing "Failed to connect to 2404:6800:4003:802::1011: Network is unreachable" error. Please help me in this regard. Is there any server/configuration required to work it?

  12. hii.
    i don't know how we can use this code plase help me.

  13. properly on your iPhone your can contact Apple Customer Care or Yahoo Customer Care to let them know of this problem and get proper solution. yahoo mail login