Friday, August 12, 2011

Web Interface Design and Target Audience

When designing a web interface. get the clear idea about target audience taste and what their like and dislikes and what they are looking for on web. and consider the following ideas.

Placement and Position
The first thing you do when you design a Web page is you start with a blank page and you place elements on that page. Placement of your elements can be critical to whether your design works or is a dismal failure.

Do not use Ancient Table Layout
It's time to break your old habits and admit that using tables for layout is outmoded and lazy. Table Layout make your html size nominally high. and  It's time to move on to CSS layouts, as your excuses just won't hold water for much longer, and why keep bailing when you could join the rest of us at the helm!

CSS Layouts are More fast than Table Layout
Learn why you should use CSS to position your pages rather than HTML tables. as a result CSS Layouts are render quickly when consider the table layout.

Parts of a Web Page
The parts of a Web page can be broken down into five distinct elements: images, headlines, body content, navigation, and credits. Most Web pages will include all five of these items, but do you know what they all are?

Web Grids - Columnar Layout in Web Grids
Work your layout with grid system, you often have more control over the horizontal sizes than you do about the vertical. So grid layouts become columnar layouts. This gallery shows how grids can create dynamic layouts with various numbers of columns.

Why Use a Grid to Design Your Page?
Grids are an important part of layout in Web pages. They are a great way to impose order on your Web pages and provide balance to your layouts.

Prioritize Your Content and Put Important Stuff First Using CSS Float…
Learn how to use CSS floats to lay out your Web pages in any fashion you like, without changing the HTML. Putting the most important content first in the HTML gives robots and search engines a leg up in knowing what content is important.

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