Friday, August 12, 2011

4 Imporant steps to plan your website development Process

Before starting your Web development process, you need to consider the following real time tactics for your web development.

As a Web developer or Web designer or CSS developer, what ever the position you are in your job. you need consider the following procedure to make your development process more effective and make you as a Team Player.

Let me tell few point about Real time development process. We are going to view each points more elaborate way in future articles.

1. Web Interface Design based on Target people
Collect target website visitors data like Web layout color scheme, screen elements and screen resolution base, Browser, Operating System they are used. these data are bring a idea to know about your target audience like and dislike. Make your interface more targeted is very important to reach your target online audience .

2. Choose HTML5 as your Document Type
In future HTML5 creates a revolution because of this portability and flexibility. HTML5 is best for Platform independent web interface document type. HTML 5 have very effective semantic content tags to classify your content in user interface.  <header>, <nav>, <article>, <section>,<aside>,<video> these are some content specific tags to present user and Search Engines with value added way.

3. Design you Layout Consider the SEO Part
When designing a web interface layout HTML elements and tag usage is very important factor for Search Engine Optimization. Designing interface includes with Text Content, Graphics Videos Side Boxes. Each design segment need to use corresponding HTML tags based on segmentation. for example your need to put a piece of text information. Use a <p> tag for this. If you going to place a Image use <img> tag for this.

4. SEO Friendly Development! IMPORTANT
SEO: The Industry of Search Engine Optimization is raised ! the reason behind that is "The Web Developers". Developers are not consider any SEO aspect at the time of development. they are just integrate what the designers provide to them. In this process the project create more complexity  in future to reach project goal.
Current scenario is SEO is very important. So Development process also need to consider the SE Part to reduce the project cost and target duration to reach the project goal.


Consider the above points and Let we view these steps in more elaborate way in upcoming articles.

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